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Acupuncture is a highly evolved system that utilized very fine and thin, hair-like needles to stimulate the bodies own ability to heal rapidly. It involves little to no pain. It utilizes a complex map of the human body consisting of channels and meridians that make up the point locations that are to be needled.

Needles placed at precise locations promote the body’s own natural healing providing a tremendous amount of relief.  


Acupuncture has been used in China and other Asian countries for thousands of years. Originally it was a practice that was reserved only for the elite – the Emperor and the members of his Kingdom. It was renowned for its ability to create longevity and sexual vigor. Hence it’s ability to extend an athlete’s career, or even the life of a CEO under an unbearable amount of stress. Everyone can benefit from Acupuncture. With regard to sexual vigor it is an excellent adjunct to infertility and a plethora of sexual dysfunctions.  


Thanks to the astute wisdom of Ancient Sages  … this information was written down and later translated and shared.  Gratefully we are able to practice the Emperor’s medicine here in the West! 


Herbs and Acupuncture have a synergistic affect. Whereas Acupuncture tends to provide immediate relief, Herbal Remedies provide long-term lasting relief. Herbs have the ability to address the root of the problem and clear it from the body. Often times patients who have suffered for years are finally finding relief. Also worth noting -Herbal formulations have very little side effects and can be modified to address a specific individual needs.


This is not a one pill cures all medicine . . . this is a what are your symptoms and lets address them directly medicine. The symptoms you experience guide us as practitioners in figuring out what is out of balance within the body. These symptoms communicate in a very clear way on how to heal the body by telling us what areas are in excess or deficient. It is for this reason that Traditional Chinese Medicine has been and always will be a highly effective medicine.


Call or email us today to find out if herbs can help resolve your health crisis. Thirty minute Herbal consultations are $40 plus the cost of herbs.






Moxa Treatments


Moxibustion is an ancient medicine practiced by the Chinese over 3000 years ago during the Shang Dynasty. It comes in many forms – most commonly used in this practice are moxa cones and sticks.  These forms of moxa are packed loosely and consists of moxa wool which may have other herbs mixed in as well and rolled into the shape of a cigar or cone. The moxa is then lit and applied in a manner that is beneficial.


Moxibustion utilized in the successful treatment of:

  • Vomiting and diarrhea

  • Prolonged Dysentery

  • Umbilical or hernia pain

  • Painful Joints

  • Early stage skin ulcers, w/boils, scrofula

  • TB

  • Depression

  • For Women: regulates menstruation due to yang deficiency, calms the fetus preventing miscarriage due to yang deficiency, and morning sickness

  • For Men: Resolves impotence and premature ejaculation due to yang deficiency    



Electrical stimulation is the application of a pulsating electrical current to acupuncture needles for the purpsoe of stimulating the acupuncture points .A treatment typically lasts from 15-30 minutes.


Electro-acupucnture is used in treatment of: 

  • Neurological diseases, including chronic pain, spasm, and paralysis




Cupping has the ability to warm and promote the free flow of Qi and blood in the meridians, dispelling cold, dampness, swelling and pain.


Cupping is mainly used in the treatment of: 

  •  Lung disease such as cough, asthma

  •  Muscular and joint pain of the neck, shoulders, and low  back.

  • Sciatica


Diet & Lifestyle

Nutiriton and Lifestyle play a huge role in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


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Tui Na


Tui Na is a form of manual manipulation of soft tissue for the promotion of Qi and Blood. In soft tissue injury the main complaint is pain, therefore tu na has been found to demonstate good results with:

  • Pain anywhere in the body.

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